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Market Data, Information, and Analyses for the Electrical Construction Industry

Process Diagram Construction Data and Research, Inc. (CDR) is a market analysis firm specializing in understanding construction markets throughout North America.  CDR utilizes exhaustive data collection techniques and cutting edge mathematical algorithms to provide an overall picture of a given construction market.  Since 1994, CDR’s clients have utilized our analyses in many different ways, such as in labor negotiations, tracking and benchmarking market share, customer tracking, and competitor analysis.  Organizers have used our data to track competitors within their areas, or across cooperating areas.  NECA staff have used our data as the basis for prevailing wage surveys. CDR’s products and services are always adapting to meet our clients’ needs.

We are specialized, experienced, and acknowledged by all parties as impartial.  We also provide analyses for far less time, money, and staffing than it would take to do the job yourself – for example, we handle the technical aspects so there’s no need for you to collect data or design and maintain a dedicated permit database.  We specialize in market reporting for the electrical construction industry.  We don’t do car registrations, political surveys, productivity studies, bid reporting, plan reviews, or anything else that might distract us from our clients’ needs.  We deploy sophisticated data-mining technologies such as domain-specific expert systems, pattern matching and clustering algorithms, and decision analytics.  Our expert analysts use these systems to get you the information you need to support your market recovery program – information you won’t find anywhere else.

While some might be content with random surveys, CDR is the only company collecting comprehensive data from multiple sources.  This means distortions from one source can be balanced by information from other sources.  Our sources include building and mechanical permits, project advertisements, federal databases, calls to general contractors, and calls to government agencies.  For example, instead of only using electrical permit fees, we use overall project costs from building permits and advertisements to develop much more accurate electrical price estimates.

Nor do we derive our numbers from high-level government statistics. Doing so sacrifices the timeliness and detail you need to understand your market.  Instead, our methodology assembles the market from the bottom up, on a project-by-project basis.  Because of this greater depth and attention to detail, you’ll have access to a wealth of information concerning various sectors of your market, as well as to the behavior of your clients and competition.

You’ll know which electrical contractors are just beginning to push into the market, which contractors might be overextending themselves, and which haven’t recently worked up to their historical capabilities.  You’ll know relative electrical contractor volumes, and you’ll have the ability to track market share in various segments of your market.  All of this is delivered in a timely report, allowing you the opportunity to halt negative trends and capitalize on positive ones.  We also transmit our raw data to you as soon as we collect it, giving you even more power to impact your market.

Simply put, our systems achieve unparalleled accuracy while our services deliver the information necessary to make educated decisions.  So not only can you rely on our results, many of our clients save significantly more money than the cost of our services alone.

Benefits of Our Detailed, Multi-Source, Project-by-Project Reporting (see figure above)

Data – Transmitted to you (where legally permissible) as soon as possible.

     Raw Data – timely identification of construction projects as they begin via electrical permits, building permits, advertisements, and Federal listings.

     "New EC’s in Area" report – timely identification of new competitors entering the market.

     Reported Projects – the most detailed information available about all the projects in your area.

Information – Reports are provided on a regular basis, allowing you to visualize seasonal changes in the market.  Over time, a full picture of your position in the marketplace can be seen.

     Market Share – share and volume benchmarking, trend analysis, entire markets and segments of markets (for example, small public institutional, medium commercial, residential).  Like much of our information, market share measurement is useful in negotiations.

     Contractor Ratio – numbers of contractors competing against you in any market segment.

     Battleground – who controls what segment of the market?

Analyses – Analyses are transmitted with the reports.  GC and Owner tracking are optional at extra cost.

     EC, GC, Owner Movement – who’s working beyond their capabilities?  Who’s working below their capabilities? Which owners or GC’s are leaning toward or away from union contractors?  Find out in time to devise the proper offensive or defensive strategies.

     EC, GC, Owner Volume – total volume of work performed.  GC, Owner volumes by union performance.

Consistent. Impartial.

You’re assured of the dependable information you need to help measure business performance, allowing for improved strategies, tactics and negotiations.

The truth is in the data.  We give you the right answer, not the convenient one.

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