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Field Definition
Action Stage Stage identifier for records obtained from Dodge Data & Analytics (only for records with DGE as source)
Address Address of the building site.
Area Region defined by the IBEW Local Union's territory.
City City the building site is located in.
Comments Other miscellaneous information.
Const Type 'Const Type' = Construction Type. Broad description of the type of project assigned by our database in the Data Portal and as determined by our expert analysts in the Projects Portal.(See 'CONST TYPE' tab for definitions of each).
Const Type Guess Construction Type. Broad description of the type of project. CR is commercial remodel; NC is new commercial; IA/A is industrial remodel; NI is new industrial; P is plant electricians; INST is institutional; MR is mixed remodel; MN is mixed new; RA/A is residential remodel; NR is new residential.
Contract Number Owner's contract number, per advertisement, if available.
Copyright Some information was purchased from outside services and should be considered to be copyrighted by them.
County County the building site is located in.
Date Added Date this record was added to the database.
Date of Permit Approximate start date of electrical construction.
Description Description of overall project and/or electrical aspects.
Details Additional project details. See 'Comments' and 'Description' for more.
Dodge Report # Unique report identification number for records obtained from Dodge Data & Analytics (only for records with DGE as source)
Dodge Report Number Dodge's number for a project
Dodge Report Version Update number for Dodge Data & Analysitc's report on this project. Choosing 'max' in the filter form will yield all other records that match the other criteria that you've set, but only those Dodge Reports that have the latest version number (only for records with DGE as source).
Electrical Contractor Primary electrical contractor.
Electrical Permit Declaration Cost of the specific electrical work as reported on the individual record.
Electrical Permit Fee Fee paid for an electrical permit as reported on the individual record.
Est Elec Cost Estimated price of electrical work based on minimal information available.
General Contractor Primary general contractor, if available.
Jurisdiction Abbreviation for jurisdiction issuing permit or other document.
License Num License Number
License of Who We Think It Is License number of the existing contractor, if we found one, or of the new contractor.
Local Member Local in which electrical contractor is signatory.
Map Click 'Go' to map a property in Google Maps. Click '+' to add an adress to a route to be mapped later from the 'Advanced' section.
Movement Measure comparing the current performance of the contractor with its own prior performance, calculated as '(Volume This Period - Past Average Per Period) / Sigma'. The higher the number, the more the contractor's volume has increased with respect to the previous quarter.
New Contractor License Number License number, if available, of the new contractor name that we found.
New Contractor Name Name that we found for the first time in a permit, advertisement, etc.
Owner Owner, if available.
Owner Type Classification of owner for records obtained from Dodge Data & Analytics (only for records with DGE as source).
Past Average Per Period Average of the contractor's total estimated volume in prior periods.
Permit Number Electrical permit number, if applicable and available.
Private Private ('Yes') or public ('No'). Best guess as to whether or not this job qualified under Davis-Bacon.
Project Cost Approximate total project cost, if available.
Project ID If this record is in a project, this is the ID for that project. If the project has been published, the ID will be blue.
Rec_1 Unique record number in database. To be referenced when contacting CDR.
Reporting Period 3-month reporting period. Period date range can be found on the title page of each report and throughout section 3 of the report.
Severity Index Another measure of performance on a per-contractor basis. Calculated as 'Sigma * Past Average Per Period', the higher the number, the higher the contractor's performance relative to its own history.
Size Small, Medium, or Large. See Quarterly Report Appendix 5.7 for details.
Source Where we found the information (eg. Permit type, advertisement, etc.)
Source Number Indicates the Dodge Data & Analytics report this was derived from (only for records with DGE as source).
Std Deviation (Sigma) Measure of the variability of the estimated total volume of the contractor in prior periods - the larger the number, the wider the range of the volume the contractor has done in previous periods.
Sub-Sector Preliminary classification of the type of work. Note: Sub-sectors began to be assigned only recently and are, therefore, may not be present for older data.
UBI Assigned code for the contractor; not the state's code.
U Member Union member or not.
Union Member? If 'Y', the electrical contractor is a signatory with the IBEW. The number indicates the area in which a contractor is signed with the IBEW. If blank, the contractor is assumed to be non-union.
Units Number of units. Applies mainly to residential projects.
Volume Estimated total price of electrical jobs performed by this contractor in the past year.
Volume This Period CDR's estimate of the volume of the work initiated by this contractor in the currently reported period.
Who We Think It Is If we matched the new name against an existing, known contractor, this is that existing contractor's name. If we were unable to match the name, this is the same as the name we found on the record.
Work Type Type of work as assigned by Dodge Data & Analytics (only for records with DGE as source).