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CONST (Construction) Type
? Unknown
ADMIN Administrative Notes
AR Agricultural New
AR/A Altered Agricultural
COM Commercial - non-specific
CON Controls
CR Remodeled Commercial
DATA Data (cat-5, etc)
DECK Residential deck with no significant electrical work
DEMO Demolition
FA Fire Alarm (not sprinklers; not extinguishers)
FAIR Fair/Circus/Fairgrounds
FIRE Fire Damage
FUTURE Future work planned
IA/A Altered Industrial
IND Industrial - non-specific
INSIDE Inside in-scope work, non-specific
INST Institutional
INVAL Not in scope - non-specific
IRRI Irrigation
L Outside Line
LV Low Voltage
MAINT Maintenance
MECH Mechanical
MH Mobile Home
MN New Mixed Use (large bldgs)
MR Remodeled Mixed Use (large bldgs)
NC New Commercial
NI New Industrial
NOELEC No Electric Work
NR New Residential
P Plant Permit (Industrial)
PLMB Plumbing
POOL Swimming Pool
PUMP Pumps, sewers, etc.
RA/A Altered Residential
RES Residential - non-specific
RV Recreational Vehicle
SEC Security System
SIGN Signs
SITE Foundations, Retaining walls, etc.
STAT Thermostat
TB Too Big for our scope
TELE Telephone
TEMP Temporary Service
VALID In scope - non-specific
VOID Administrative - Void