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Are you ready to use BIG DATA for your construction market?

Comprehensive, unbiased data and analysis  – take control of your market!

  • Hassle-free data delivered to your desktop, daily:  Finding and reviewing permits, advertisements, and government notices in all their varying formats can take a lot of your valuable time. Let CDR efficiently and cost effectively compile and analyze it all for you.
  • Meticulously comprehensive on your behalf: We drill down into markets by size sectors, construction types, geography, and detailed sub-sectors (“Data Centers”, “Grocery Stores”). 
  • Unrivaled accuracy:  CDR reconstructs the market on a project-by-project basis and uses cutting edge mathematical algorithms to ensure the best possible results.  
  • Perspective to make it all clear:  CDR’s analyses benchmark your current performance and each individual subcontractor’s performance against the past.

  • Big data for you: CDR is like a search engine for your market, but better – with a single correct answer instead of thousands of possibilities. As organized labor and management, this is an advantage inherently available only to you.
  • Tailored products: Quarterly Market Share reports, interactive online databases of projects, and searchable current raw data – customized to suit your needs and budget. 
  • Timely Results in your competitive market: Upcoming permits posted daily to your Data Portal, analyzed projects reported quarterly in your Projects Portal, and an Alerts system to notify you immediately when results change. 

Let CDR do the hard work. We’ll collect all the data and analyze it for you.

Below are just SOME of the questions we can answer for you through our easy to use database search tools, charts, graphs, email ALERTS, targeted updates and (coming soon) text messaging.

Have you ever wondered…



Easily access answers to all these questions (and more) with features like CDR’s Advanced and Quick Find searches, ALERTS system, and targeted email system. 




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