We can work together to determine what creative options will work best for your area’s needs and budget. 

(1) We'll begin gathering data.

We will gather raw data from every applicable city and county source, your state, federal sources, as well as any other available resources in your area. We will also incorporate existing services that you want to continue to use, keeping every record you want to see in one place. 

(2) The Data Portal will be available for your use almost immediately.

Once your Data Portal is set up you’ll start to see data come in on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You’ll be able to search it and set ALERTS and start making your organizing decisions from a data perspective right away! 

(3) The Projects Portal will start to be constructed.

The Projects Portal is compiled of easily searchable, analyzed projects derived from the raw data and is fully updated every quarter. We’ll also start sending you targeted emails notifying you of pertinent issues and changes.

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