–  Review permits and records to see what’s happening now  –

Our Data Portal gives you a way to view what’s happening now, allowing you to plan your day-to-day activities. The fully interactive database provides searchable information on individual records (permits, records, advertisements, etc.) before and as they are issued, including construction type, market sub-sector, contractors, owner, and job location.  The data portal is also your control center for our Alerts system, giving you immediate updates when your search results change (as when a new permit comes in).

The DATA PORTAL can help you answer questions like:

  • What permits have been issued in our area as of last night?
  • What new jobs are coming up in our area?
  • Which contractors (at which job sites) should we approach now?


Data Portal Sample blurred plain 3900 x 1320

*The above sample is directly from the Data Portal. Some information is blurred out for confidentiality purposes.


– Review analyzed projects to understand the big picture over time –

Our Projects Portal includes a Market Share Report (produced quarterly) and an interactive online database of projects.  We compile the individual records (from the Data Portal) into projects, which include historical data as far back as necessary to meet your needs.

The Market Share Report includes charts, graphs and market statistics for your negotiating needs. Percentage share, volume and union to non-union ratios are provided for each sector of the market.  The report is both easily navigable and connected with the interactive online database via links integrated throughout. Most exciting among these options is the new PSI (Percentage Share Improvement) category links which allow you – with just one click – to easily explore the sub-sectors of your market with the highest potential for gain.

Similar to the Data Portal, the Project Portal’s interactive online database provides sophisticated options like multi-variable searches, filters, sorts, and the option for saving searches for easy re-use. You can also set Alerts here to receive updates on the topics most pertinent to you, directly to your email.

The database is comprised of five tabs:

  • Newest Contractors: Consists of new contractor names, the work they are doing, and where those names were found.
  • Contractors on the Move: Evaluates contractors against their own historical performances.
  • Top Volume Contractors: A list of contractors, their volume in the past 12 months as of the latest report, and their Union affiliation. 
  • All Jobs Report (Union & Non-Union): A compilation of Union and Non-Union projects from your entire history with CDR. This tab also features a PSI Category search option to allow you to see who is working in the sub-sectors with the biggest potential gains. 
  • Current N/U Jobs: Details about Non-Union projects from the latest reported period that also includes a PSI Category search option (as referenced above). 

    *COMING SOON: One click summary of every contractor listed, mapping of job sites in your area and more!

Questions the PROJECTS PORTAL can help you answer:

  • What jobs have taken place or are currently taking place in our area?
  • Which owners and contractors should we focus on this quarter? 
  • Which sub-sector(s) of the market allow for the largest potential gains? 
  • Which contractors are growing in volume?  
  • Which contractors are new to our area and how big are their projects?
  • Are our non-union competitors consistently present in this market sub-sector?
  • Which non-union contractors produced the highest volume this past quarter?
  • How does our share of the market compare with the same quarter last year?
  • Are there more non-union players in the market now compared with two years ago?
  • How does our current volume compare with the same quarter last year?
  • Are these seasonal fluctuations in market share normal?


View the Public Sample

Download the SAMPLE Market Share Report 
(The projects, owners, contractors, places, etc. are, to the best of our knowledge, entirely fictional.)


  1. You will receive individual logins for all staff who need access to your market analysis data.
  2. You will immediately begin to see future and current permits posted to your Data Portal. Results will be updated daily.
  3. After the quarterly analysis is complete, you will receive a notification.
  4. Visit www.constructiondatares.com/portal and log in with your unique username and password. From there you will be able to access all tabs included in the Projects Portal, as well as the Market Share Report
  5. You will be encouraged to ask questions, provide any feedback to us and let us know when contractors join with your union.

Contact us to learn about all of our options!