National Law Review on Limits on Employers

Employers are not allowed to create the impression of surveillance of union organizing activities, even if such surveillance isn’t actually happening:

“One of the more nuanced, subtle violations occur when it comes to management surveillance of worker union activity. Aside from actual spying, many companies do not realize the NLRA also prohibits an employer from “creating the impression” it is surveilling employee unionizing efforts. For such a violation to occur, an employer need not actually spy (e.g., sit outside a union hall and monitor which of its employees attend a meeting). Rather, it is sufficient, for example, for a manager to make remarks to employees that would lead the workers to believe the employer is surveilling their activities (even if no spying in fact occurred).”


What’s our market share today, you ask?

Big Data: Get it and use it, too


This article discusses a 36% increase in the use of big data in just 3 years –  and that was nearly a year ago.

Coming across this old Forbes article reminded me of the direction the world is headed and why I am happy to be a part of an organization that is a part of this important movement. If you’re already a CDR client or using big data in other ways, you’ve got a jump on the competition.

The author of the Forbes article points out that the number of companies in various industries with plans to use big data in the next few years has been growing continuously. Construction is not one of the industries cited in this particular article, but there is no doubt that more companies are going beyond lead-generated lists and beginning to look at the big picture via consistent analysis of big data. But the way we see it is: an individual non-union contractor using data to analyze the market, just cannot compete with organized labor and management.  Doing so effectively and strategically using big data TOGETHER will increase market share, grow overall volume, capitalize on market trends and more.

Lately, there has also been a lot of news from the data and business community about companies jumping on the data bandwagon without an understanding of how to use data strategically (see this article from Harvard Business Review as just one example: https://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/companies-love-big-data-but-lack-strategy-to-use-it-effectively).

At CDR, we help our clients to use data, to infuse it into their daily work in as many ways as they possibly can. We think this is crucial, particularly at a time when organized labor is under attack and when big data is proving to be an effective tool to help companies and organizations meet their goals.

by Amanda Keil, Project Manager

Good news (for now) for workers

Divide and conquer?

A very interesting interview with the AFSCME President about efforts to divide and conquer the labor movement.





Missouri’s Effort to Suspend RTW Law

As we all know, earlier this year Missouri was the 28th state to adopt a “right-to-work” law. Now there is an effort by labor groups to get this law on the ballot for 2018 and let voters decide. The labor groups who have organized this effort have just over a month to get enough signatures on the ballot to suspend the law.

Missouri labor groups launch petition to suspend Right to Work

Chao backing Davis-Bacon for infrastructure spending


CDR staff have been enjoying using the new Countable app. The app allows users to express their opinions on various pieces of legislation, and provides a direct conduit to your Senators and Representatives.

It is definitely worth checking out!


NABTU President Sean McGarvey speaks about “seek[ing] common ground”

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