CDR products are derived from a wide variety of sources. The data is then analyzed by our expert staff before being presented to you in the custom formats that suit your needs.

Sources include:

  • All permit types applicable/available from local and state permitting agencies (spreadsheets, webpage searches, hand-written permits, etc).
  • Project advertisements.
  • Federal databases.
  • Calls to general contractors.
  • Calls to government agencies. 

Here’s how the data moves from all these sources through CDR and then to you: 

There are various ways to study a construction market, but no other method can provide CDR’s fully comprehensive, cost effective results.

Top-down research methods take state and national statistics and factor them down, but can only approximate local conditions. Meanwhile, statistical sampling cannot provide a true picture of your local market without being deployed at a level that is prohibitively expensive for most organizations.  


Laborer Counts Trade (Electrical) Permits Only Statistical Sampling (Phone and Other Surveys) Other Top-Down Derivations (Census Bureau’s CPIP, etc)
Continuous Improvement Support X
Project-by-Project Details X
Track Competitors’ Behavior X
Track Customers’ Behavior X
Accurate Project $ Estimates X
Timely Data X
Timely Results X
Raw Data Usable for Market Recovery X
Track Contractors Entering Market X
Accurate Overall $ Estimates X X
Market Sectors (detailed) X X
Market Sectors (hi-level) X X X X
Share: % Union $ X X X X
Share: % Union Jobs X X X
Seen as Unbiased X X X
Consistent X X X
Unpermitted Work (e.g., Federal)? X X X
Share: % Union Hours X