What brings you to CDR?

Over the years, we’ve collected some of the diverse stories that brought new clients our way. Here are just a few examples:

Cost sharing for negotiations

One local described their need for a clearer picture of their market share, including a breakdown by individual sectors to help them verify information for negotiations. They teamed up with their local contractor’s association to ensure that both sides were on the same page.

Missed information, missed opportunities

Another local explained that the limited information they received from some subscription services left them with many questions. They had made assumptions about what geographic regions and sectors they were excelling in, but wanted to know for sure to help influence their future decisions.

Organizing in a challenging area

One business manager explained that he sought out our services so they could focus their organizers’ efforts. Instead of sending organizers driving to job sites to find out information, this local wanted to streamline their efforts in a particular city in their area by receiving and utilizing limited, but timely, permit and mapping data.


Investing in CDR’s data was one of the best decisions I made in my role as a business manager. I used their analyses in negotiations, and our organizing and business development staff used their data to help them make strategic decisions.

This was especially true when addressing the Market Advancement Initiative (MAI) sectors of our industry. The return on investment was incredible.

Union Construction Business Manager (former)

CDR gives us a great starting point to go out and find the jobs we need to hit… I have saved a few key searches that I can recall very easily to find [what I need]. It is a very good tool for organizers.”

Union Construction President/Organizer