Good news (for now) for workers

U.S. House votes down effort to weaken federal prevailing wage




Divide and conquer?

A very interesting interview with the AFSCME President about efforts to divide and conquer the labor movement.





Missouri’s Effort to Suspend RTW Law

As we all know, earlier this year Missouri was the 28th state to adopt a “right-to-work” law. Now there is an effort by labor groups to get this law on the ballot for 2018 and let voters decide. The labor groups who have organized this effort have just over a month to get enough signatures on the ballot to suspend the law.

Missouri labor groups launch petition to suspend Right to Work

Chao backing Davis-Bacon for infrastructure spending

Republicans squabble over prevailing wage law


CDR staff have been enjoying using the new Countable app. The app allows users to express their opinions on various pieces of legislation, and provides a direct conduit to your Senators and Representatives.

It is definitely worth checking out!


NABTU President Sean McGarvey speaks about “seek[ing] common ground”

We were ‘forceful’ with Trump, says building trades president