Big Data for Your Construction Market: It’s the Edge You Need Now

Imagine if you could simply use Google, DuckDuckGo, or any other good search engine to find out every detail about your construction market.

What if tomorrow you drive by an unfamiliar construction site and you could use just such a search engine to definitively find out what is going on there AND even learn who is doing the job – without reviewing numerous reports or making tedious time consuming phone calls?

What if you could discover every single new permit that was pulled today in your area just with the one click?

And one last important one – what if you had someone to tell you – without emotion or bias or self interest – which market sector you should focus your efforts on for the greatest possible benefit?

Having access to a complete picture of your construction market can drive your actions, saving you time and money. CDR can do all of that and more. But the focus of this article is about why I know this is necessary – whatever way you choose to go about it.

Though we can certainly be cautiously optimistic about increases in union membership or support, about growth in specific union strongholds or within specific trades, the numbers haven’t been really great for some time.

Indications from our nation’s leaders and recent legislative actions are certainly less than encouraging. Regardless of any future legislation that may or may not occur – good or bad – organized labor and management needs to be as well armed as possible.

The movement toward big data – whether in education, healthcare, engineering or science – is one that organized labor is particularly well…ahem…ORGANIZED to take advantage of.

Lower membership means less funding, as unions well know. That means it is imperative to ensure that all activities of staff are strategically focused in exactly the areas that are needed. No one wants to waste time and energy.  And in these trying times, no one can afford to. Actions must be strategic, focused, and effective.

Knowing exactly what is going on in your market gives you a jumpstart in building relationships with contractors and owners and gives organized labor an inherent advantage over the competition.

By measuring exactly what is happening, then analyzing that data, you can create a clear plan of action. Making data-based decisions and continuing to analyze the feedback data allows you to find out what is working. And what is not.

Whether you choose to designate staff to collect, organize and analyze all the pertinent information on jobs in your area, or partner with a firm like CDR to provide full analysis services and data-backed recommendations, using the data will help to strengthen locals and management alike. At CDR, we firmly believe this is one of the key tools that will help unions continue to make a comeback.