How We Do It

In today’s technology rich world, we are constantly inundated with information.  The number and types of sources for all this data are limitless and can be overwhelming. To analyze your market, CDR takes all the concrete, reliable sources for you and balances those results to guard against distortions.  We use sophisticated data mining techniques, such as domain-specific expert systems, pattern matching, clustering algorithms and decision analytics.

There are, of course, other ways to study a construction market. Few of these other ways can do more than measure market share at a high level. Top-down research methodologies take state and national statistics and attempt to factor them down to approximate local conditions. Meanwhile, statistical sampling cannot provide a true picture of your market without being deployed at a level that is prohibitively expensive for most organizations

CDR uses a thorough compilation of project-by-project methodologies to efficiently and cost effectively provide the clearest possible picture of what is happening in your construction market. Compare the yield from our methodology with other useful, but uncomprehensive sources to decide for yourself: